In keeping with new trends in the diving industry and wanting to satisfy the thirst of divers for deep dive war time wrecks we have dedicated ouselves to technical diving. This type of diving surpasses the standard limits of recreational diving, especially when pertaining to depth and time spent under water.

We dive using a few different types of gases (air, Trimix, Nitrox, and Oxygen) and decompression stops are a mandatory part of this type of diving. In order to take part in technical diving both mental and physical strength are needed as a special equipment.

Our centre is equipped with a Trimix and Nitrox gas blender as well as a gas analyzer.

Our boats have state of the art “Garmin” GPS probe that help us locate wrecks as well as other added equipment such as “Tondin” and “Deco Field” for anchoring and decompression.

Thanks to WWII wrecks like the Francesca di Rimini, Gladiator F98, Mas 15 and the freighter Borak there is great potential for this type of diving in our region.

We would also like to remind you that our doors are open all year round for technical divers!