Rebreather course


Over the weekend, a diving course with Rebreather was held. We dived on the wreck of the Gladiator ship and due to poor weather conditions dive into the wreck of the ship Borak was postponed. Members are club members Nova sub Kamnik.

Tanks service


All our tanks (48 units) passed a hydrostatic test, cleaned from inside and 20 tanks are painted from outside. Out tanks are serviced by „Pirotehnik“ from Split. Otherwise hydrostatic test certificate valid for 5 years and every 2.5 years is required visual attestation, in our business never exceeds specified limits just for the safety of our divers.

Trimix course

DC Tramonto is on the way to become a “Technical Center” which means to be educated and logistically equipped to support technical divers in the demanding deep dives. Mostly we dive on wrecks of warships in the depths of 40m and up to 80 m and more. In the last year we found three “new” wreck in our local waters deeper than In cooperation with Novasub TXR team and instructor Dule Orehek in Slovenia we organized the Advanced Decompression and NORMOXIC Trimix course in our diving center. We were diving on the wreck Borak with TRIMIX Tx 20/30 at a depth of 60 m and the wreck Gladiator F98 on 53m with Tx 21/11 with Nitrox 40 and Nx 80 as “deco gas”. We dived on Francesca da Rimini with the air as a “back gas” at 46m and Nx Nx 40 and 80 for decompression. After we done excellent dive we set new ropes and buoys to Borak and Gladiator . The next step and our new goal is to get Trimix mixer for mixing gases for future dives.

Boats are ready! :)

Our boats are serviced and ready for new adventures!

Opening diving season

Dear divers, sSpring is almost here and it means we are coming back to our favorite enviroment – underwater world.
After the winter break we recommend a „refresh dive“ to make some exercise and return to dive routine. For those who want to become divers we will organize beginner courses so all you need is just contact us in the inbox or via

We are ready for new adventures and fun…

Looking foward to see you again!

Your Tramonto Team

Mares partner


Diving Center Tramonto has some innovations for a new season. To make our diving trips more comfortable, safer and faster here is a brand new outboard engine Honda 250hp. For our proffesional work here is a new water pump Honda WB 30TX max. Flow 1100liters per minute wich is used for pumping sunken vessels.

Wreck Francesca da Rimini

Wreck Gladiator F98

Plane Wreck “Junker Ju 87 Stuka”