We are equipped with a professional underwater scooter Suex XJ 14 for the purpose of faster and more efficient field search, seawater discharge, etc …

Technical weekend

One more tecnical diving weekend is successfully done! We dived with Novasub tec team from Slovenia and we spent a great time together. For the first time we dived on our new wreck( 66 m depth) that we found this year. It`s cargo ship that carried some liquides during World war II. It is 7th wreck in our “wreck collection”. 

Underwater works

How much do you hold to your boat? How much do you care about the safety of your guest? It all depends on the position of the anchor system so it is necessary to review the water situation once a year and replace the dampened materials. RC Tramonto regularly maintains anchorages in marinas, camps, harbors and private berths. Make us trust you and resolve any of your underwater problems.

Tramonto team

OWD Course for beginners

I can breathe underwater what´s your superpower?
Be your own super hero and become a diver!
Every year more and more people are becoming a part of „diving family“, moreover diving has become a global hit.
Surranded by clear blue sea, beautiful flora and fauna, the feeling of floating , listening to your breath … are just a few things that will this adventure turn into an unforgettable experience.
Far away from everyday life and stressful situations diving is like anti-stress therapy.
Spring is coming and it is perfect time for new hobbies, let diving be one of them.
Diving Center Tramonto organizes OWD course ,maximum depth up to 18m.
Join us – fun and adventure are guaranteed .
Contact us in inbox or e-mail :

Milan Colić
AOWI #47066

Boat Show Zagreb


Visiting a Boat show in Zagreb was a good excuse to hang out with a good company and research a new diving products…

Diving in December

It`s been a great another tech weekend with our friends from Slovenia. We dived 4days with Trimix on wrecks Borak and Mas and made some research for a new wreck locations. We tested a new Trimix mixer and a technical equipment. We are ready for a new challenge! 😉

New Wreck again

We dived on the new wreck, italian patrol boat! It was a great dive with a great team 🙂

New Wreck

We have a “new” wreck of the Italian patrol Landing Ship. It is located near the island of Murter at a depth of 49 meters. On the aft deck is the anti-aircraft machine guns and at the bottom are boxes of ammunition. The wreck is in very good condition and its around 15m long. There is a story that the ship was sunk in 1943 by the Yugoslav forces, and that the captain swam to shore of Murter and was captured and executed .. Tramonto team members were one of the first who dived this wreck and set up the rope and a buoy for anchoring…

Location: Blitvenica

We dived on Blitvenica the farthest island of Murter archipelago .. Something beautiful 🙂

Milan Colić and his Tramonto investigate an unknown wreck from the First or Second World War

Until two years ago, divers who would come to Murter had nothing to offer except the magical beauties of the underwater world. Milan Colić and its divers at the Diving Center Tramonto say that the local depths are becoming more demanding for demanding divers and marine explorers.

“Until recently, they dived only on the underwater walls, amazed by intact natural beauty, rocks, flora and fauna. It has two years to apply it and diving here becomes all the more exciting and exciting – says Colić.

It is about shipwrecks that were unknown to the time or known only in the most extensive part of the public. It was discovered by Francesca de Rimini, the full load of mine sunk in 1944, the Gladijator F98 was shot down in 1941, the Junker JU 87 aircraft “Ptuk” sunk in 1941 and Borak, a cargo ship sunk by the stormy south of 1999, became the main destination for diving expeditions from the island.

“I was a kid when Borak was sunk. Everyone was talking about it, and we kids in Tisno watched as the sea breeze carries the palette with it – says Colić who drives the divers today to the wreck of Borka.

These are wolves positioned at depths of over 45 meters, which was why they were not wasted and why it was so long to be found. Colić makes it clear that he and the team of Tramonta Fashion are still on the sidelines of such a significant discovery.

“We have information and a possible position of another sunken warship in a position close to the island of Murter, but for now it is too early to talk about what it is. It is a wreck from the First or Second World War that is at a greater depth and we are only preparing for more serious dives. We will try to identify it, and only when we can talk about some discovery, “says Colić, not wanting to find out at this stage.