MAS 15 (Motoscafo armato silurente) was Italian patrol and assault boat of the WWI and WWII era. It was powered by twin diesel engines and it was renowned for its speed and agility. MAS boats were armed with a torpedo on each side and one stern mounted anti-aircraft gun.

Although lightly armed MAS boats were well known for ambushing and sinking much larger ships. One such ambush took place in May of 1918 near Premuda island when MAS under command of capt. Luigi Rizzo attacked Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Szent István near Premuda island. Ship perished along with 89 crew.

Our MAS was discovered in 2016. It lies in perfect condition at the depth of 49-50m. Because of the depth, the boat is accessible only to technical divers.
Not much is known about the boat, and the crew, but according to some accounts, captain of this boat made it to the Murter shore, only to be captured and executed by Partizans.