Francesca da Rimini

Francesca da Rimini is cargo warship, built in 1942 in Rijeka, under Italian ownership. The length is 42m, width 12m, with a total weight of 281 tons.

It was seized by the German Navy in 1943 and used to transport weapons for German troops. After arriving from North Africa, on 3/22/1944, it was anchored because of engine failurenear by island Kaprije, in the Sibenik archipelago. It was spotted by two British “Spitfire” bombers, torpedoed at the rear right side and sank. It lies at a depth of between 38m – 50m. Of 3 masts, 2 lie broken in the sand and the third standing upright and rises up to 28 meters. At the stern is the anti-aircraft machine gun and all over the wreck are hundreds of mines and scattered boxes of ammo.

Of fish species, that found home on the wreck, there are numerous lobsters, groupers and the occasional eel and amberjack. Dentexes regularly circulate and observe each new visitor.

The dive is intended for experienced divers only.