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We are equipped with a professional underwater scooter Suex XJ 14 for the purpose of faster and more efficient field search, seawater discharge, etc …

Technical weekend

One more tecnical diving weekend is successfully done! We dived with Novasub tec team from Slovenia and we spent a great time together. For the first time we dived on our new wreck( 66 m depth) that we found this year. It`s cargo ship that carried some liquides during World war II. It is 7th […]

Underwater works

How much do you hold to your boat? How much do you care about the safety of your guest? It all depends on the position of the anchor system so it is necessary to review the water situation once a year and replace the dampened materials. RC Tramonto regularly maintains anchorages in marinas, camps, harbors […]

OWD Course for beginners

I can breathe underwater what´s your superpower? Be your own super hero and become a diver! Every year more and more people are becoming a part of „diving family“, moreover diving has become a global hit. Surranded by clear blue sea, beautiful flora and fauna, the feeling of floating , listening to your breath … […]

Diving in December

It`s been a great another tech weekend with our friends from Slovenia. We dived 4days with Trimix on wrecks Borak and Mas and made some research for a new wreck locations. We tested a new Trimix mixer and a technical equipment. We are ready for a new challenge! 😉

New Wreck

We have a “new” wreck of the Italian patrol Landing Ship. It is located near the island of Murter at a depth of 49 meters. On the aft deck is the anti-aircraft machine guns and at the bottom are boxes of ammunition. The wreck is in very good condition and its around 15m long. There […]


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CONTACT: Milan Colić & Petra Stegić

ADDRESS: Stjepana Radića 13, 22240 Tisno, Croatia

WEB: www.divetramonto.com

MAIL: divetramonto@divetramonto.com

PHONE: +385 98 843 233


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Soleil & Under le bois
Soleil & Under le bois
04:48 06 Sep 19
Not equipped. There are much better ones around
Zsuzsa Bonifert
Zsuzsa Bonifert
16:26 31 Aug 19
Best diving sites in croatia, professional staff
Pavol Dostal
Pavol Dostal
04:26 31 Aug 19
Gooood diving, nice spots, realy good one... It was nice diving with them, especially dive to plane JU 87 Stuka... They made me hapy....
Craig Rutherford
Craig Rutherford
18:13 24 Aug 19
The most AWESOME dive center on the Adratic! Milan and his staff are pure professionals and will ensure that you have the best dive experience ever! Every time I go there, it feels like coming home. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Finaczy Gabor
Finaczy Gabor
05:51 26 Jun 19
Great discovery dives for kids
Christian Trummer
Christian Trummer
22:54 28 Apr 19
Very nice team. We just phoned them short term and it was possible to do a check dive on the same day. Next day by boat even though we were only two guys.
Roxane Trudeau
Roxane Trudeau
19:49 01 Dec 18
Realy beautiful dive with a realy nice staff. We dive there in august this summer and it was amazing. I recommand that diving center to anyone who wants to dive in that area !
Hans Stoit
Hans Stoit
11:11 02 Sep 18
Very nice place to go for a Scuba diving experience. With pleasant crew who will help you thru and find the best spot to go for a dive. Next year we will go again.
Chris Cviljak
Chris Cviljak
16:33 08 Aug 18
Milan is the best!
Viktor Hribar
Viktor Hribar
19:24 29 Jun 18
Milan the master of the Dive Center is one of the best on Adriatic. RECOMENDED for the more experienced and dimending sport divers. His brother Darko, who runs the small 'birtija" next to the Center is also good cook. Dinner in his inn is also recomended.
Connie Parker
Connie Parker
11:02 05 Jun 18
fabulous dive experience freindly folks
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